24-year-old man goes viral for dating an 80-year-old woman

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A 24-year-old Tanzanian man, George, and his 80-year-old partner, Catherine Thomas, have inspired many with their love story.

The couple who are residents of Tanga, have defied odds in defending their love relationship that has attracted a lot of criticism from family and the entire community.

George, who was a school dropout and turned into a boda boda rider in a chat with AfriMax TV explained that he met his 80-year-old girlfriend as he would carry her on his motorbike daily to her business premises as a regular customer. Catherine advised him to quit the boda boda business after they fell in love, for them to bond and spend more time together.

Meanwhile, Catherine, a mother-of-five children, disclosed that she was lonely and wanted to fall in love again after the death of her husband. “People will always try to destroy something good. My life without him would be meaningless,” said Catherine during an interview with Afrimax TV.


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