BBN All Stars: Tolanibaj and Ilebaye at War

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Big Brother Naija (BBN) All Stars housemates Tolanibaj and Illaybay are at war following a heated argument on social media.

The argument started when Ilebaye made a comment about Tolanibaj’s relationship with fellow housemate Boma.

Ilebaye said that Tolanibaj was “using” Boma and that she was not really interested in him.Tolanibaj was furious by Illaybay’s comments and she took to social media to defend herself. She said that she was not using Boma and that she was genuinely interested in him.

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The argument between Tolanibaj and Illaybay has been going on for several days and it shows no signs of stopping. It has divided the BBN All Stars house and it has also sparked a debate on social media.

Some people believe that Illaybay was right to call out Tolanibaj, while others believe that Tolanibaj was justified in defending herself.

The feud between Tolanibaj and Illaybay is a reminder that even reality TV stars are not immune to conflict. It is also a reminder that social media can be a powerful tool for spreading hate and division.


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