Benue State University bans dreadlocks, makeup, miniskirts, others

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The Benue State University has banned students from carrying deadlocks, makeup, miniskirts, and other indecent dressing.

The task force committee set up by the university made this known in a statement on January 13, 2024. “The Taskforce Committee writes to address students on the dress code and artificiality both in campus and off-campus as follows.

BOYS: No sagging, No Make up, No dreading of hair (dada), No dyeing of hair, No wearing of shorts/three quarter trousers to lectures, No leaving of hair uncombed, No wearing of armless shirts, No wearing of earring, No plaiting of hair, No keeping of heavy beards, No wearing crazy trousers.

GIRLS: No body hug, No wearing of armless clothes, No dyeing of hair, No wearing short, No exposure of sensible parts of the body, No Leg chain, No Nose ring, No putting of multiple earrings (only one is allowed).

No folding of shirts on a trouser or skirt, only black and brown color attachment is allowed, No wearing of crazy trousers, No wearing of skirts above the knees, No wearing of leggings without long top (shirt).


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