Germany passed law to legalize cannabis

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The German government has legalised recreational cannabis, making the country the largest member of the European Union (EU) to do.

The law took effect at midnight of Monday, April 1, after lawmakers cleared the path for legalisation in March.

With the new law, adults over the age of 18 are now permitted to possess up to 25 grams of dried cannabis and grow a maximum of three marijuana plants at home.

Public consumption will be allowed, as long as it is not within sight of children or near sports facilities.

The drug will also be prohibited in pedestrian zones between 7 am and 8 pm.

In addition, from July 1, private clubs with up to 500 members will be allowed to grow cannabis collectively and distribute it to their members.

Karl Lauterbach, health minister, had advocated for the policy after arguing that the previous drug policy had failed and led to a black market.


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