Houseboy arrested for killing his boss with a pestle

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The deceased, a lecturer at the Psychology Department at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, identified as Chima Anolue, was attacked & killed by his help on Friday night, July 14, 2023.

He was apprehended by the local security who handed him over to the police.

Speaking shortly after he was apprehended, the suspect said: “When he came back, he told me to cook rice. And as I was cooking the rice, he asked me why I did not wash plates. I did not reply. He then asked why I wasn’t responding to his question.

In the process, he slapped me. But I told him I usually have ear problems and that people don’t slap me.

As I was saying that, he angrily asked if I was still talking while he was talking. And therefore, he slapped me again & brought out cane & started flogging me all over.

Then in the process, I got angry and we started fighting. It was also in the process of that fight that I picked up the pestle in the kitchen & hit him on the head.”


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