Lagos fully ready for State Police – Pedro

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The Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Lagos state, Lawal Pedro has reiterated the readiness of the state for State Police if approved by the federal government.

Pedro, who disclosed this on Saturday, said Lagos already has the personnel and infrastructure in place, adding that only persons who understand the local terrain should be responsible for policing states.

“As far back as 2001, I have always maintained that the security of this country will be addressed by having state police or community police. We are talking about a police system that is indigenous to the people themselves.

“Lagos is over ready for the state police. I can assure you that because we have our own Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Corps already in place and fully kitted and ready with even body cameras.

“I think we are ready to go to Lagos. If any state is ready, I can confirm to you today from what Mr Governor – Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu – has done, Lagos State is ready.

“Just give the whistle, and you see our police officers on the road. The indigenous police will know in the community those who are bad boys and those who are not.

“Criminals will not be able to escape, and if they do, the indigenous police will know their hideouts and where they can be found. Now, you bring a police officer from Kaduna to come and police Lagos Island. Evil people will keep escaping.

“If the robbers escape the hand of the community policeman in that community, such indigenous police will know where to go and get them out. So, that is the advantage.”

Pedro admitted that state police could “be hijacked by some politicians” but added that “in everything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages”.

The attorney-general said the federal government must ensure that legislation on state police curtails such abuses.


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