Lagos police alert traders to fraudsters trick using minors to steal goods

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The Lagos State Police Command has urged traders to be cautious of some fraudulent persons targeting businesses where supposed customers leave minors behind after taking goods without payment.

The command’s Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, disclosed this in a post on his X handle on Saturday, stating that it has happened repeatedly.

The PRO wrote, “Traders, this is for you. Something happened for the umpteenth time yesterday. Someone approached a rice seller with a minor to buy bags of rice.

“He ‘discovered’ he forgot his money at home and left his little ‘brother’ behind as assurance that he was not running away. He went away with two bags of rice.

“After hours of waiting, the seller asked the minor left behind to take him to ‘their’ house.

“The minor denied knowing the man, saying, ‘He just saw me on the road and asked me to escort him to buy something.”

Hundeyin further highlighted the emotional distress caused by the fraudulent act and urged traders to exercise caution.

He wrote, “The seller took him home all the same. Meanwhile, the minor’s parents were already going through trauma looking for him.

“Traders, beware! Insist that they leave with their brother or sister and bring the money before they can take any item.”


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