Netizens knock Ilorin Muslim clerics for harassing Osun traditionalists

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Netizens have taken to social media to condemn a video making the round, showing a Muslim cleric harassing and threatening to harm an Isese priestess and her devotees should they not stop an ongoing traditional rite by a river in the Oko Owo area of Ilorin, Kwara State.

The video released by Facebook user, Alfa Aribidesi At-Tawdeeh Islamic Da’wah, Friday, captured the cleric threatening to pelt the priestess and two other devotees with stones, adding that Ilorin does not permit traditional worship as other states like Osun do.

“Come out here because this is Ilorin and such is not allowed. Is this Osun? Leave! Leave! Leave now! Do you not hear me, leave or I’ll pelt you with stones.”

Netizens have since weighed in on the now-trending video with the majority condemning the cleric’s act and calling on the authorities to intervene.

Writing in support of the clerics, Temitayo Ishaq wrote: “It’s a pity when I see people supporting the Osun people, especially when they are Muslims, as in, that’s the pillar of your religion, you shouldn’t invoke another thing except for Allah nor should you support those that do so and even a territory that has its law, as a Muslim, why are you against it?

Don’t tell me it’s because of the secularity of Nigeria because I will ask you to research what can limit that kind of secularity… It’s a pity.”

His comment was supported by a few others but drowned by the majority of Netizens who called the clerics out, slamming their act as a means of creating a conflict among the people.

Muslim supporters of the priestess took time to register their disappointment in the clerics, warning of an impending war they might be brewing.

Alao Sheu wrote: “I’m a Muslim and I’m highly disappointed in so many of the so-called Alfa or Islamic scholars 😞 what is peaceful about this, is this how to bring people closer to our beliefs? This is NONSENSE!.”

Oyedun Azeem wrote: “Why all this? Everyone has the right to practise the religion of his/her choice. It pleases Allah that creates humans with many tribes, colours, races and religions. Allah would have made all creatures to be Muslim and that is why he said *Lakun dinu kum…*

“Eyin Alfa Ilorin, e maa da wahala sile nitori esin o, Olorun o ranyin n se (none of you is a messenger nor prophet.)

Live, worship, and let others live and worship peacefully. Allahu Alam.”

Alhaji Okiki Arewa wrote: “Why can’t we allow people to perform what dey believe in for goodness sake. To my understanding, Islam has never preached out of peace why are we all fighting for God’s… This country is turning to another thing entirely, so people don’t have their rights anymore.”

Arogundada Salmah wrote: “This is total rubbish! sh and it’s uncalled for.

These people can actually sue them for invading their privacy.

In a land where there is freedom in everything, why do this?

I love the fact that these women didn’t even listen to him and they continued with whatever it is they were doing.

Why he nor near them nah abi he dey fear ni 😂😂😂. Can anyone fight for God? Shey these alfas forget the last verse of suratu-l-kaadiruun ni? Abi ignorance too dey disturb them?”

Abdulwahab Olakunle commented: “There should be freedom of religion irrespective of where you’re residing.

“This is wrong so far their practice isn’t against your religion.. nobody fights for God… Islam should be a religion of peace and also endure and respect other beliefs. If someone doesn’t know Islam before, with this way you people are doing, nobody will join this religion. Ilorin is a place in Nigeria where Nigeria’s constitution is Supreme.. don’t let them take u guys to court u will lose. Sir, I respect you so much please act like someone that also has Western education.”

Ibrahim Babatunde Opadeji: “There is freedom of religion and association in this country as far as it doesn’t go against the law of the land. Why intimidate them? If Muslims can practice their religion anywhere in Nigeria, why not the traditionalists? Besides, there are many churches in the Ilorin metropolis as well.”

Animashaun Sukurat wrote: “Wait for wetin concern una with another person religion let her worship what slikesike, why are u fighting for God nawa o.”

Murana Adekunle wrote: “If anything happens to those women, Alfa must be arrested because we have Muslims in other states and nobody is disturbing them for doing their religion why always Muslims? Why?”

Hammed Okikiola Oyelekan wrote: “Whatever custom or culture of any town, society or organisation is subsumed under the Nigerian constitution, which is supreme as far as Nigeria is concerned. There’s freedom of religion and association in as much as it doesn’t contravene or affect public peace. How will you feel if those in the South-East chase people out of mosques and prevent their fellow Igbo Muslims from praying?”

Some traditional religious devotees also joined in the conversation, drumming up support for the priestess while knocking the clerics.

Babalawo Olapade Ifadamilare wrote: “Religious discrimination is a great enemy od. Country, let us all stop it and preach religious tolerance so that we all can co-exist peacefully.

Aslin Sherry: “The Isese community is coming for you all. We are reclaiming back the ways of our ancestors. Go back to your Mecca to worship your Allah.”

Christians were also not left out of the conversation.

Unruly Smith wrote: “Ilorin is a Yorubaland and Isèsé is the foundation of every Yoruba town. Tell this Èru Alimi that Ilorin Afonja is welcoming to everyone and every religion.”

Oyebanji Ayodeji: “Intolerance of the highest order…
If other cities and towns not indigenous to Islamic practices in Yoruba land start locking out mosques to the Muslims how would it feels ?”

Akindunmila Kehinde Samson: “This is uncivilised kind of in this civilized world, please let their leader caution them before it starts taking people’s lives.”

Ruth Adedeji wrote: “Whenever Muslims are discriminated against in Nigeria, nobody should cry for them …. don’t worry, soon your children won’t have access to education to show how deep the discrimination against you will go. You want to make life tough on minors living among you but you want to live freely when you’re not at home? We shall see… remember you had to go to federal court before you could use hijab? You go learn.”

Thankful Tee commented: “The last I checked, African traditional worship is a legitimate religion and recognised by the Nigerian government and they have the right to worship in whichever and whatever way they want to. Awon alfa isonu. Long hiss.”

“This is not right. I am a Christian by faith but you can’t stop other religions from practising. What happened to freedom of religion,” Prince Deji wrote.


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