Nigerian lady based in the UK confronted a bully at a shopping mall

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The incident occurred on Sunday at the Westfield London shopping center in Shepherd’s Bush.

According to the report, the Nigerian lady, whose name was not disclosed, was shopping at a clothing store when she overheard a woman making derogatory comments about her race. The woman, who was also not identified, was reportedly making fun of the lady’s accent and calling her names.

The Nigerian lady, who was visibly upset, confronted her and demanded that he stop her bullying behavior. The woman initially tried to deny that she was doing anything wrong, but the lady stood her ground and continued to call her out on her behavior.

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Other shoppers at the mall soon gathered around the scene, with some expressing support for the Nigerian lady and others trying to defuse the situation.

The incident has sparked a conversation about bullying and racism in the UK, with many people commending the Nigerian lady for standing up for herself and others who have been victims of bullying. Some have also called for more action to be taken to address racism and discrimination in the country.


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