Popular Catholic priest announces he is leaving the Catholic Church over alleged oppression

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A Catholic priest of Nsukka Diocese, Reverend Father Paul Obayi, popularly known as Fr Okunerere has revealed that he wants to leave the Catholic church and has accused his Bishop, Most Rev Godfrey Onah of oppressing him.

He said, “The church is my vineyard; I love the church, I love my Nsukka church, I love the bishop, I love the priests, I love them, but they are oppre§§ing me.

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I was looking for a land where I will conduct my adoration, I rented a place behind Queens College Nsukka. Bishop Onah chased me out of the place, saying I was causing noise and distracting the students of Queens.

The past governor of Enugu State, Gburugburu gave me this piece of land I’m staying in now. I told the Bishop that I have land and I took him there to see the land. He then said that the land is fine to be used to build the Marian Shrine.

I give everything to the church, yet the church wants to strangle me. But it can’t happen.


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