Portable arrests mechanic for filming, posting damaged SUV online

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Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable, has arrested his mechanic for filming and posting his wrecked SUV online.

In the video posted by the mechanic which went viral days ago after it came to light that the singer had an accident, the mechanic advised Portable to ‘sell the car as scrap’ because the damage done was much.

It would be recalled that earlier this week, the news made the rounds that Portable was involved in a ghastly accident which wrecked his newly acquired Babus SUV. The incident would be the third the singer had witnessed in about 17 months.

In a video circulating on the internet, the mechanic was seen to be at a location that has the semblance of a police station.

Moreso, listening to the audio, the mechanic was told that the video was defamatory to the singer and he has to do another video to apologise for posting the singer’s wrecked car online without Portable’s permission.

While apologising, the mechanic said in part via a video message, “A car was brought to my company for a repair and I gave my honest opinion based on what I saw. It has come to my knowledge that the car belongs to Zazuu, which is Portable.

“Another thing is that I have been seeing videos flying around that was taken without my consent. I am using that opportunity to say, Zazuu we are sorry for any inconvenience the video has caused you.”


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