SCOAN holds night of praises in memory of late Prophet TB Joshua

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The Synagogue Church of Nations, SCOAN’S headquarters. International, Lagos Nigeria was agog with visitors from different African countries, America, Asia, Middle East, Europe to celebrate the third anniversary of the founder, late Prophet T.B Joshua.

They gathered at the night of praise and worship service organized in honour of the late Prophet T.B Joshua to eulogize him for his service and love for humanity.

It will be recalled that Prophet TB Joshua died on June 5, 2021.

In his address, a South African nationalist, Dr. Kirstan Nematandam, described the all night praise and worship event as ‘a spiritual high watershed, and great moment in all continents of the world to thank God for the grace of TB Joshua.

According to him, ‘ T.B.Joshua was a great man of God whose life was Christlike, living the Word and practicing the Word, he was the light shining in darkness, the most humble man you could ever come across who touched the lives of millions, preaching the Word with power and with an extra-ordinary philanthropy across the universe’ he said.

The atmosphere was ecclesiastically electrifying as people from diverse languages from all walks of life spoke glowingly of the transformational power of God in their lives by their encounters with late T.B Joshua.

Another Pastor from Argentina, Pastor Robert Acosta also described the late Prophet as “the men of God who impacted lives and transformed generations under the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit never die.

“The teachings, the example, the impartation continue to live on in our hearts and in our lives. Prophet T.B. Joshua, his life, example and ministry has been a gift from God to the whole world but in a particular way to my life, my wife and family, and to our church and congregation.

“He was our pastor, our friend, for five years until he passed on to glory, and we continue to live with the legacy he had left us”, he said.

Also, Pastor Sandro Gomes dos Santos, from Brazil said, “I am here to celebrate the birthday of Prophet T.B. Joshua, a unique man, a unique prophet, a great man of God and his legacy remains. It is ageless and cannot be forgotten. The good works he did here on earth are wonderful and cannot be forgotten.

“His anointing and power continues here in this ministry through Pastor Evelyn Joshua”, he said.

In his reaction, Engineer Kolawole Samuel, from Sokoto, Nigeria said, “For the past 14 years, I have been part of the ministry and for the grace of God in our prophet and the grace I received through the anointing, I have not stopped coming despite the fact that I come from the far North of Nigeria, Sokoto”.

One of the coordinators, Mr. Segun Olanipekun, said: “The last three years have been of joyful activities and the ministry has greatly expanded to the glory of God”, he said.


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