Stop paying ransom to kidnappers — Minister of Defence cautions Nigerians

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Minister of Defence, Muhammad Badaru disclosed this to State House corresponded on Wednesday

The warning comes amidst reports that Nigerians have raised over N50 million through crowdfunding to pay the ransom for the release of the remaining 5 daughters of Mansoor Al-Kadriya

Badaru said while the government is deeply concerned about the kidnappings, paying ransoms through public donations will exacerbate the problem

“We all know there’s an existing law against the payment of ransom. So, it is very sad for people to go over the internet, radio asking for donations to pay ransom. This will only worsen the situation; it will not help” he said

He urged Nigerians to refrain from responding to ransom demands publicly, noting that the government’s position is to starve kidnappers of the profits that drive abductions. “If we stop, over time the kidnapping will not be profitable and they will stop. It is not easy, though but that is the law,”


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