Ukrainian sisters face a 5-year jail term for allegedly twerking on the graves of fallen soldiers

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Two Ukrainian unnamed sisters have been arrested for allegedly dancing and twerking on fallen soldiers’ graves on the country’s Independence Day and face a jail term of up to 5 years

A video showing the two dancing next to a grave was published on social media on August 24, 2023, Ukraine’s Independence Day. The short clip shows at least one woman twerking in front of the camera while still standing near a grave with a photo of a man in military uniform, reported a Russian government-funded television network.

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According to the report, Ukrainian police claim they came across the clip on August 24 evening. “In less than an hour, law enforcement officers had established whereabouts and brought them to the police department,” a statement by the Kyiv police said on August 25, 2023, adding that the two sisters “face up to 5 years behind bars” on charges of “desecration of soldiers’ graves.”


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