Biden, Xi resume military-to- military communications

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The United States President, Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping have agreed to resume military-to-military communications.

The leaders met on Wednesday, November 15, in San Francisco to discuss issues that caused strained between both nations relationship.

Biden in a statement on the verified X handle of the President Of America (POTUS) Thursday, November 16, said that the United States will compete vigorously, and responsibly, with the People’s Republic of China.

He noted that, they will protect their national security interests, stand up for their values, and work together where it is possible and in both nation’s interests.

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Biden’s statement read in part, “Today, I’m announcing that the U.S. and PRC are resuming military-to-military communications.

“Clear and open communication between our defense establishments is vital to avoid miscalculation by either side and prevent conflict.

“The world expects this of responsible countries.

“Today, President Xi and I took tangible steps in the right direction, and the case I’ve made all along stands”.


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