Daddy Freeze reacts to Yul Edochie’s divorce saga (Video)

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Daddy Freeze was live on Facebook some hours ago to react over the alleged divorce filed by May Edochie against Nollywood Actor, Yul Edochie.

Daddy Freeze said, “the fact is that if Yul Edochie had divorced May and married Judy Austin one (1) year later, she would still get dragged into the matter. The only solution to it would have been if the actor, Yul Edochie, was discreet enough to take the divorce to a far away community where they can get it done fast and then he moves on with marrying Judy Austin.”

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Speaking further, Daddy Freeze said, “as for me, my own divorce took five years because it was contentious. However, some people get their divorce done in 6 months or one year.”

Again, Daddy Freeze said, “I don’t think Yul Edochie knows the kind of trouble he is in. I am not saying this to mean polygamy is a bad thing. I am rather saying this because in Nigeria, our legal framework does not really recognize polygamy per se.”

Lastly, Daddy Freeze said, “in Nigeria, our legal system is built on the British precedent. For this reason, divorcing May Edochie will be a very tough challenge for Yul Edochie.”

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To watch the full video, CLICK Here (watch from 5th minute).


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