Gay discrimination not enough grounds for asylum — UK Home Secretary

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The UK’s Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has said that being gay or a woman with fear that they could be discriminated against in their country of origin is not enough reason to seek asylum in the UK or any Western country.

According to her, uncontrolled immigration fuels crime. She, therefore, called for an overhaul of United Nations (UN) refugee rules and warned that unless governments found a way of controlling their borders, they would ‘not endure’.

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Hub 247 News learned that the UK Home Secretary who branded the system “unsustainable”, further argued that it creates “huge incentives for illegal migration”.

She said, “The vast majority have passed through multiple safe countries and, in some instances have resided in safe countries for several years. In this sense, there is an argument that they should cease to be treated as refugees when considering the legitimacy of their onward movement.”


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