National Museum Curator, Jafextra commend Curves N Edges Fashion House Boss ingenious creativity

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…says brand’s style makes global statement

Eminent personalities in the creative industry have described Adewumi Aderonke Tolani the Creative Director of Curves N Edges Fashion House as the new thing to look out for in the world’s fashion industry.

At a function held to showcase her brand-Curves N Edges creativity, this young and talented fashion designer who has carved a niche for herself with her incredible designs and entrepreneurial spirit beamed to the world the beauty inherent in Nigeria creative industry.

National Museum Curator, Jafextra commend Curves N Edges Fashion House Boss ingenious creativity

The fashionista Tolani who has not only honed her skills but has also empowered numerous aspiring fashion enthusiasts to pursue their dreams was lauded by personalities like Mr. Alex Osho Head-Curator, National Museum Onikan, Lagos and Jafextra entertainment.

Alex affirmed Tolani’s tasteful blends of beautifully created brands with a clear intention of selling Nigeria to the world in a very colourful manner.

“Creativity and ingenuity are key ingredients for success in the fashion industry. Curves N Edges Fashion House under the direction of Tolani Adewumi has witnessed tremendous growth and display of creative talent.

National Museum Curator, Jafextra commend Curves N Edges Fashion House Boss ingenious creativity

“Tonight she brought the attention of the world to Lagos state. I wish her the very best in her career. I’m sure five years from now, she will be a global fashion leader.”

For Jafextra, Tolani is a mentor of great creativity that upcoming fashion designer must emulate.

“Tolani is a brilliant mind. What she has done today with her brand setting a pace for the younger generation of fashion designers to emulate and follow.”

Curves N Edges Fashion House Nostalgic Experience

Established in 2017, Curves N Edges Fashion House has become a haven for aspiring designers under Tolani’s guidance. Her unique approach of combining teaching with entrepreneurship has provided young women with the tools they need to excel in the industry.

With her expertise and passion, Tolani has transformed the lives of countless females, helping them acquire the necessary skills to create stunning garments and establish successful businesses.

National Museum Curator, Jafextra commend Curves N Edges Fashion House Boss ingenious creativity

Tolani’s spectacular rise in the fashion industry can be attributed to her unwavering commitment to excellence.

Her dedication to craftsmanship and attention to details have earned her accolades from both local and international fashion events.

From runway showcases to editorial spreads, her work has graced the pages of renowned fashion publications and captivated audiences worldwide.

One of Tolani’s most remarkable achievements was her fashion collection in November 2022.

Titled “Harmony in Diversity,” the collection showcased her ability to fuse different cultures, styles, and aesthetics seamlessly. Each garment in the collection was a testament to her innovative vision and distinctive design sensibilities.

The runway presentation was a spectacle of colors, textures, and bold silhouettes. Models gracefully glided down the catwalk, donning exquisite ensembles that celebrated the beauty of diversity.

Tolani’s keen eye for detail was evident in the intricate embroidery, delicate beadwork, and artful draping that adorned her garments.

The collection drew inspiration from various cultures around the world, blending traditional elements with contemporary twists.

From African-inspired prints to Asian-influenced cuts and European-inspired tailoring, “Harmony in Diversity” represented a melting pot of global fashion influences.

Tolani’s ability to harmonize these diverse elements while maintaining a coherent theme was truly remarkable.

The November 2022 fashion show attracted fashion enthusiasts, industry insiders, and prominent figures from around the globe.

National Museum Curator, Jafextra commend Curves N Edges Fashion House Boss ingenious creativity

Tolani’s reputation as a promising talent had drawn attention from fashion powerhouses, with clients spanning across America, the UK, Australia, and beyond. The collection received rave reviews, further solidifying Tolani’s position as a rising star in the fashion industry.

Beyond her creative prowess, Adewumi Aderonke Tolani’s commitment to empowering others through her fashion house is what sets her apart.

Her dedication to nurturing budding designers and entrepreneurs has created a lasting impact on the fashion community, fostering a new generation of talented individuals.

As Tolani continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with her designs, the future looks exceptionally bright for this remarkable fashion visionary.

With her indomitable spirit and boundless creativity, Adewumi Aderonke Tolani is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry, leaving an indelible mark on runways worldwide.


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