Comedian Woli Agba angrily calls out actress, Aisha Lawal

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Nigerian comedian and actor, Ayo Ajewole better known as Woli Agba has called out actress, Aisha Lawal.

Taking to his Instagram page, the movie star stated that he would have reached out via her Instagram Direct Message, but he wants the world to be aware of their beef.

Sharing a clip from a scene in Jagun Jagun, where Aisha Lawal insulted him, he slammed her for the way she insulted him.

“I have to call you out on this! I could have sent a DM but I want the world to witness to it. Kilode?”.

Elsewhere in the post, he gave kudos to Femi Adebayo as he recounted how he disappointed Femi Adebayo several times on movie set, yet he was never upset.

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Well, to my darling Honorable as I fondly call you @femiadebayosalami, you are just so blessed. Aside from being a fan of Femi Adebayo, I am much more in love with his amiable personality.

I have a personal love for him. He is such a wonderful person. I could remember many years ago someone sent me a message and explained how much Femi Adebayo talks about me and my work. I thought the person was just chasing clout and wanted my attention until I met him personally.

I disappointed him many times before I could feature in Jelili, he just wouldn’t get angry despite my shortcomings. And adjusted many times to just have me on the Set of Jelili.


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