Indecent Lifestyle: Ms. Ifunanya Excel fires back at NBA

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Ms. Ifunanya Excel, a Nigerian influencer, has fired back at the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) after she was suspended for her “indecent lifestyle”.

Excel was suspended for six months for posting “indecent” photos and videos on social media.

Excel has denied the allegations, saying that she is not a practicing lawyer and that she has no intention of being one.

She has also accused the NBA of being “hypocritical” and of “selective justice”.In a statement released on her social media pages, Excel said:”I am not a practicing lawyer and I have no intention of being one.

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I am a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. I am also a content creator and I post my content on social media for my followers to see.

“The NBA has no right to dictate what I post on my social media pages. I am an adult and I am free to express myself however I want.”The NBA is being hypocritical. There are many other lawyers who post indecent content on social media, but they have not been suspended. The NBA is only targeting me because I am a woman.


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