BBN All Stars: Singer Simi reacts to Seyi’s recent disturbing statement

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Nigerian singer Simi has reacted to a recent statement made by her colleague, Seyi Shay, in which she said that she would “rather be a side chick than a single mother.”

In an interview with The Punch, Seyi Shay said that she believes that being a side chick is better than being a single mother because side chicks are “taken care of” by their partners.

Simi took to Twitter to express her disagreement with Seyi Shay’s statement. She said that she would “rather be a single mother than a side chick.”

Simi’s tweet was met with support from her fans, who praised her for speaking out against Seyi Shay’s statement.

One fan wrote: “Simi, you are a queen and a role model to many women. Thank you for speaking out against this harmful stereotype.”

Another fan wrote: “I agree with you, Simi. Being a side chick is not something to aspire to. It is demeaning and degrading.”

Seyi Shay has not yet responded to Simi’s tweet.

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Seyi Shay’s statement has sparked a debate about the role of women in society. Some people have argued that Seyi Shay’s statement is empowering to women, while others have argued that it is demeaning.

The debate is likely to continue, but Simi’s tweet has undoubtedly raised awareness of the issue.

It is important to note that there is no one right way to be a woman. Women can choose to be single mothers, side chicks, or anything else in between. What matters most is that women are respected and treated with dignity.


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